PureCFNM – Toga party

In this purecfnm scene Jamie invites his best friend, Justin to a toga party organized by his girlfriend. When they get there, seven beautiful babes are already already having some drinks in their sexy outfits. When Justin and Jamie put on their togas the girls start laughing about the way they look and they want to know if the guys are wearing any underwear. Jamie passes but he is actually not wearing any underwear. As punishment he is stripped naked and the girls start teasing him. He gets an erection and Nikki starts jerking him off, then Jess takes his cock in her mouth. He explodes in her mouth but then another babe decides to join in and she starts stroking his cock making him hard again. Have fun watching this amazing pure cfnm update!

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PureCFNM – Guy gets punished then teased

In the next purecfnm video scene Chloe and his boyfriend are having a business diner with Chloe’s new associate, Jessica. Chloe goes to prepare the salad and to make coffees telling Jessica that she is on good hands with her boyfriend, who is a great company. He keeps staring at Jessica’s boobs and she start teasing with him. She tells him that if he likes her boobs she will flash for him, and if he has a big cock she will fuck him. Then she asks him to show her how big his cock is and he takes his pants off. Chloe walks in and sees him showing off his cock. This gets her mad and she slaps him, but Jessica tells her to calm down because they can have some fun with him. Chloe chooses to please her associate and lets her jerking and sucking her boyfriend’s cock!

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Crazy Party

More clothed females and naked men are here from purecfnm.com! This time the horny chicks got the perfect guy on their hands and he was up to anything. The girls end up chaining him to the table and then started teasing him. The chicks were having a bachelorette party so they hired a stripper to entertain them, except that the poor guy didn’t knew in what he was getting into. The bride and the bridesmaids enjoyed his show but they wanted more, so they fooled the guy and ended up chained to the table. But that wasn’t all because the girls were just getting started and this guy got his dick jerked off and sucked. Enjoy this amazing scene and we’ll see you next time with more steamy updates!


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In this CFNM pure fucking scene we got more clothed chicks getting fucked by a hot naked man. The hot chicks were in the mood for something fun so they went to this strip club. They knew this place that only got male strippers so they went there to pick their fuck boy for that night. The girls walked around and after a while they found a hot cute guy to take home with them. The guy didn’t have any idea in what he was getting into, but the girls took really good care of him. Once they got home they undressed him and started blowing his dick and them took turns on getting fucked by the hot young stripper. See more clothed females teasing hot naked man in our updates and don’t forget to get back for more!


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