Chained Up

Hey there everyone. We’re back once more with all new purecfnm scenes and you know that you get to see some more amazing all dressed babes have their way with some naked guys as always. This blonde with blue eyes has the guy right where she wants him and that is all chained up to her nice and big bed. This way she can do whatever she wants to him and there’s no way he has any say in it. Get ready to have this beautiful woman blow your mind with her simply amazing scene here this week and see her do whatever she wants to the guy here today. And you can bet that she has plans for his nice and big dick for sure today!

Chained Up

Well, like we said, our blonde had the guy all to herself here today and she panned to get to have all the fun that she could with him along side that nice and thick cock. See her even teasing him with revealing her breasts, and you can see what is pretty much inspired show as well from her. Well she has him eat her pussy as she sits on his face, but what she really wanted was to wrap her juicy lips around that amazing and hard cock of his here today. We’re sure that you will enjoy the show with her and we’ll bring you many more new updates soon as well. Until then just enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you all then okay?

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PureCFNM – Landlady Gets Stuck

Landlady Corena comes to collect her rent however she trips and has her head trapped between the metal bars of the bed. This is a great purecfnm videos story. Dave sees what a small skirt she’s got on and gropes her nice ass just before stripping nude in front of this slutty lady. She instantly turns into a lot nicer person when she sees what big he is and she blows his dick before he screws her from the rear, pulling out thus he can spunk on her stupid face. Pure cfnm is all you ever dreamed off and more and this scene is here to prove just that. So take your time to enjoy it and let’s get the show started to see the action without any more delay.

Like we said, the sexy and hot mature babe with shoulder long, curly brown hair, got herself stuck. Well lucky for her, the guy was more than happy to help her out with her predicament and she was grateful with it. Well she was so grateful in fact, that she got to make amends right away while she was stuck. She said that this kind of situation kind of make her horny so on top of helping her she’s kind of fancy the guy fucking her nicely too. After some nice cock sucking, you get to watch her take a fucking from behind and loving it. And to end it all she also has the guy unload his sticky cum all over her cute face this afternoon too! If you wanna see some horny maids getting wild, check out the jb video blog!

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The sex addiction clinic

Welcome back to purecfnm, in this next scene three hopeless people are visiting Red’s office. Red is a sex therapist and she is running a sex addiction clinic. Louise and Rio are sex nymphos and Christian is a chronic wanker. Red thinks is a good idea to have a group therapy where her patients can discuss their problems. Only things are not going they way Red planned  because the two nymphos start making fun of Christian and they take his pants off and start sucking and wanking his hard cock. Rio gets really horny in the mean time and she gets on her all fours asking Christian to fuck her brains out. At the end he explodes on Louise’s face!


Well guys and gals, what can we say. This scene sure is one to not miss if you love seeing horny and beautiful babes having their way with some simple studs that just happened to cross their path. Rest assured that this guy doesn’t mind playing hard with the babes at all today as it’s not too frequently that you get to fuck three very sexy busty beauties at the same time. See them worshiping his cock today with some nice and hot oral action and then watch them making the guy fuck them fast and hard as they also have him take turns on their pussies as well. We hope you enjoyed the experience and we hope you’ll stay tuned for more soon!


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PureCFNM – Unwanted erection

In the next purecfnm video scene these sexy babes are attending to an life modeling class and while they are waiting for the teacher they are checking up on the handsome model. The babes start teasing him, showing off their sexy legs, lifting up their skirts and flashing their boobs. The model gets a huge erection and they all start laughing, specially when the teacher gets in the class and sees his huge erection! She gets mad and decides to teach him a lesson, so she grabs his boner and starts wanking him in front of the class and asks the babes to come closer and inspect his cock one by one. Jess takes his cock in her hands and strokes it until he shoots a huge load of cum!

Well the hot babes in this scene had an art class and they were very much looking forward to seeing this guy naked. You’ll see how they begun teasing him and they all noticed how he got a nice erection. Well even the drawing teacher got in on it and had the babes take a closer look as she would play with his cock. And for the ladies to better understand male anatomy she also has them taking turns to jerk him off nice and hard too. Enjoy it today and do check out some past scenes as well as you get to see more big cocks teased by sexy ladies too! We as always, will be back next week with more new content for you to enjoy!


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Pure CFNM – Keep on cumming

In the next pure cfnm scene this guy gets jerked several times by these sexy hot babes! Jess tells her friends that her new boyfriend can cum over and over again and her friends believe that this is impossible. They all agree that she has to prove them right and when the guy gets home from work they babes ask him to take off his clothes. He is not sure what to do and looks at her girlfriend waiting her to approve. She starts undressing him and the others join in too, stripping him naked. Then he lays down the floor not knowing what is going to happen. The nasty chicks take turns on wanking his cock until he shoots his load, but the don’t stop and carry on jerking him off faster until he cums for the second and then the third time!


Enjoy watching out purecfnm scene for today and see these overzealous babes as they take their time to play with this lucky guy for today too. As you know, you get to see the naughtiest and sluttiest little babes around here that get to have some fun with hot studs and their big cocks and today was no different as the trio sure got to play with this guy’s man meat too. The cuties took the time to make the guy cum and cum again until he was drained completely and had him blow his loads all over their faces and cute clothes too! Bye bye!

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The slumber party

In this purecfnm scene Rio and her two hot friends are preparing a pajama party and in the evening they start preparing the snacks, drinks and selecting the movies they are going to watch. Rio has a hot flat mate, James who gets home from work just when the babes are ready to start the party. Rio’s friends are asking him to join them and he gladly accepts. the girls are wearing sexy skimpy lingerie and nightwear and he starts feeling horny. Worst is he can’t take his eyes off them and soon he gets a huge boner. The girls start noticing his hard cock poking through his pants and they start making fun of him, but then they want to see his cock. When he wants to leave the babes hold him down the bed and take off his clothes.

After the babes wank and suck his cock until he cums, they sit on his face one by one ordering him to lick their pussies! Take a look inside this pure cfnm video scene and enjoy watching! Well we knew that you guys would love last week’s scene with the cougars pouncing on a nice and fresh stud with a hard cock and so, we come to today’s scene with three more ladies getting to enjoy a nice and long afternoon with their male sex toy. Sit back and relax as you get to watch the ladies getting to treat his cock well and making his blow a load all over himself too in the end!


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PureCFNM – One against three

It is a great day and in this purecfnm scene Paul decides to take a ride with his motorbike to the countryside. In the middle of nowhere his bike brakes down but luckily a camper van passes by and pulls aside. Three sexy ladies are stepping out the van. They ask him if he needs a ride and he is happy to hit the road in the company of these sexy ladies. These naughty milfs are on the road since a year camping in the wild and now that a man is travelling with them they get horny and hungry for a cock. They start undressing him and wanking his cock. He suddenly grows rock hard in their hands and they start sucking his cock making him explode on their faces!


As another fresh week started off, we figure that it would be nice to bring you some more new and hot babes playing with one more dude and this time you get to see no less than three very horny matures playing with this stud like we said. Take your time to watch them party hard with him and see the hot matures as they take turns to stroke on his nice and big cock this afternoon and take his loads. Each and every one of them took her time to stroke the meat shaft until the guy shot his load all over her. So enjoy it as always everyone and we will be seeing you once more next week with new galleries too!

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The substitute

Pete works as a currier and he has to drop some things at Jess’s house. He knows her well because she brings her stuff once a month, and he also knows what’s her job at purecfnm. She asked her lots of times to get him shoot a scene but she always refused him, saying he is to nice to get humiliated like this. Today however, when he shows up at her door she drags him in the house because the male who was supposed to film has cancelled the appointment and they need a new model. First he starts protesting, saying that he changed his mind but it’s to late now because Jess and her friend are already undressing him and pushing him into a chair. They start wanking his cock that gets hard instantly and they suck him until he shoots his load in Jess’s mouth! Check out this purecfnm update now and have fun!

Well the two babes sure knew how to treat the lucky guy this afternoon and give him some special treatment in the end. And you can check out the past scenes as well to see more slutty babes as they get to play with cocks as much as they want until they manage to drain the studs out of their jizz completely. For this one just sit back to watch the two amazing women have their fun with this guy’s cock and enjoy the amazing gallery as per usual. We will be seeing you next week with more new galleries.


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The sleepwalker

Holly has a new boyfriend and in this purecfnm she finds out that he is a sleepwalker. He is working nights and sleeps during the day. She is having her every day coffee with her friends when he walks in the room completely naked. At first, the babes  were shocked, then they were a bit surprised, but in a very good way. When they realize he is a sleepwalker they are wondering what could make him wake up because nothing seems to wake him up. Then Holly has the idea to wank his cock to see if he gets hard, and soon all the other babes are taking turns on jerking and sucking his hard cock. He wakes up when he shoots his huge load on Holly’s face!


Well to be fair, Holly was the sluttiest of them all and to the honest she can always give one mean and hot hand job too. The other chicks observed how their girl friend took that big boner and offered it a nice treatment, stroking it with pleasure. Enjoy seeing the wanking session as the guy moans in pleasure with her expert hands pleasing his cock and like in all the scenes, see him shooting his load. And like we said, it gets to land all over miss Holly’s cute face! well that’s about it for this one and do come by next week for another superb and hot scene as well everyone!

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PureCFNM – Special arrangement

Stephanie and her flat mate, Justin has a special arrangement. In this purecfnm scene Alyssa visits Stephanie and they are having a coffee in the living room when Justin walks in the room completely naked. Alyssa is shocked but Stephanie explains her their arrangement. Justin like being naked and she agreed to let him walk as he wishes in the house if he does her laundries. Alyssa thinks that this is very interesting, she almost regrets not having suck a flat mate like Justin. The girls decide to tease him however, making fun of him walking naked all day long, and they also want to see him getting an erection. But he is not reacting so they grab his cock and start sucking and jerking him until he blows his load!

Check out this pure cfnm update and have fun with this naughty and sexy pair of naughty babes that get to have some serious fun with the stud. He was more than happy to let them play with his cock for this video and just like always you know that this is going to be simply amazing too. Take your time to watch the two babes teasing him as much as they want while they also remove his clothes and enjoy seeing them party hard style with him. You get to watch them as we said, jerk him off until he blows his load all over their cute faces and fancy dresses too for today. See you soon as per usual with more new and fresh scenes everyone. So stay tuned!


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